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Quarter Pig Box

Quarter Pig Box

31.35 lbs average per box | 125 4 oz portions

Over 15% Savings Bundle!

Save $55.00

Here's a chance to try a variety of our Mangalitsa pork while saving over 15%! Stock the freezer by trying a little bit of everything. 

Our Quarter Pig Bundle Box Includes:

Bacon 5 packages

Breakfast Sausage Bulk 2 packages

Bone In Pork Chops 2 packages

Boneless Pork Chop- 1 package
Pork Shoulder Roast
1 roast

Collar Steak 1 package

Breakfast Sausage Links 1 package

Boston Butt Roast(Half)- 1 package

Jowl Bacon 2 packages

Pork Belly 1 package

Sweet Italian Sausage Bulk 1 lb

Ground Pork 1 lb

Fresh Pork Hocks 2 package

Polish Sausage- 1 package

Pork Spare Ribs 2 packages

EXTRAS Included-

Lard 1 bag

Leaf Lard- 1 bag

Organs(when available and requeated)

Updated 1/8/24  

*Items will be added to make sure discount price is met for each bundle  


Mangalitsa Pork raised outside on forage and non-gmo barley. Always Soy-Free, Corn-Free and non-GMO