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The Mangalitsa Pig

The Mangalitsa pig is a curly-haired, lard breed pig originating from Hungary.   Known as the tastiest pork in the world with reddish meat that is highly marbled. The creamy white fat is high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and natural antioxidants due to the natural diet of forage and barely.  Mangalitsa lard is lighter and melts at a lower temperature due to containing more of the good unsaturated fats.  Mangalitsa pork has been called the "Kobe beef of Pork" due to the melt in your mouth, buttery flavored fat that accompanies every bite.  

Our pigs are raised outside with access to shelter and forage.  They spend their days rooting into the ground eating forage, relaxing in wallows or wandering the old apple orchard where they enjoy an abundance of apples in the fall.  Due to their wooly coats they are able to enjoy our Michigan winters.  They farrow out on pasture building nests like nature intended.  Our pigs are Soy-Free and Corn-Free making beautiful healthy white fat.  They are fed mostly local non-GMO fermented barley with some additional farm forage such as greens, cherries, apples and local non-gmo artisan bread when available.  

Mangalitsa sow's typically have 5-8 piglets per litter.  We have had litter sizes ranging from 3-11.  The average conventional pig's litter is 14-15 so you can see this isn't your typical pig!  We raised our pigs until at least 14 months, not 6 like a most pigs, before they are sent to be processed.  This slow growing breed isn't for everyone as it takes time and money but for foodies like us there really is nothing better!  

Our original swallow-belly sow hanging out with her grandkids