Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I just placed an order, now what?

A. What happens now is we will pack your order. An email will be sent to you showing your final price. We usually send out an text when your order is packed asking when you would like to pick it up if you did not specify in order comment. Feel free to text us if you don't hear from us right away at 231-655-0554. If you would like a specific time or day for pick up just ask and we will do our best to make it work. 

Q. Why is my order price different than my final price?

A. Everything is packed according to weight. We only want you paying for what you get. This might mean you pay less sometimes or a little more than the estimated order price. If you would like a specific sized piece please comment when ordering. 

Q. When can I pick up my order?

A. Although we have specific days and times on our website for ordering and pick-up we are very flexible with pick-up days and times. The website order days and times we have posted online are times we know we will for sure be around for pick up but we usually do all appointments when it is best for our customers. 

Q. I need some meat immediately, can you deliver or can I pick up today?

A. The answer is usually yes. Please send a text to 231-655-0554 or an email to before you place your order to confirm. We are usually around to make this happen, but remember we are a small family farm and we might be out at times.


Q. I am not coming up in your delivery area, will you still deliver to me?

A. Send us an email at or text/call 231-655-0554 and we can discuss possible delivery. We have a general delivery zone but can we do go outside of it and make special deliveries further away.

Q. Do you ship?

A. At this time we are currently not shipping meat. Our goal is to be able to provide our local community with the best meat you can find without the need to ship. Keeping a minimal carbon footprint is important to us. To ship meat and keep it frozen it requires a lot of extra packaging and resources. If you are not in our local delivery area and still want to order, let us know. We have done numerous drops around Michigan and Illinois when we are traveling.

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