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Meet Our Partners

Each farm that we partner with must already meet the standards we practice for the compassionate and ethical care of their livestock while maintaining our strict pasture-raised production standards. 

This means never fed antibiotics, drugs or artificial hormones. Animals are raised outside and rotated on pasture. All lamb is from our farm partner below. Occasionally we are in need of more beef to meet our customer needs as we grow our cattle operation and we get beef from the farm below.

Meet Your Lamb Farmers

Back Acre Farm/Pharo Polypay

Farmer Brett Pharo and Family

This beautiful farm is located in Rapid City, MI. Tucked between Torch Lake and Elk Lake in the most breathtaking area. The sheep are rotated on pasture, spending most of their life outside with access to the barn during lambing season. They are grass-fed and offered a small amount of non-gmo grains for a brief time in the winter which is best practice for grass-fed lamb. They are protected by livestock guardian dogs and a large llama. Pharo Polypay/Back Acre Farm primarily focuses on high quality polypay feedstock and uses rotational grazing practices.

Meet Your Beef Farmers

Sweeten Farms LLC

Sweeten Farms is a first generation family owned and operated farm residing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Founded in 2003 by Jeremy and Michelle Sweeten who hold degrees in agriculture, they work hard along with their four children to raise high quality grass-fed Angus beef. Their high quality standard is maintained by raising cattle with great genetics and providing a 100% forage diet with a strong mineral program. In addition, a soil health study at the farm was conducted by Michigan State University to support their bale grazing methods. They are certified by the Beef Quality Assurance program and follow their cattle handling protocols.